Download Fresh Minecraft Mods 1.16.5 and older version

The best Minecraft mods of today. Ever since the game’s release in 2021, there have been a lot of changes that have made modding a lot more enjoyable and powerful. However, over time, modding has also become more complicated and less simple, depending largely on the path you take. The newer Curse Forge mod system (still owned by Twitch) is probably still the easiest way to quick and cleanly get into modded Minecraft, without requiring a huge amount of technical knowledge. It’s also the most advanced, with new crafting resources, recipes, and even custom music.

For those just getting started, there are a few useful places to start looking for good minecraft mods. There’s a wealth of forums dedicated to this topic, where different people tend to share their tips, tricks, and secrets. My personal favorite is “ghanies” forums, which are dedicated to Minecraft players who like to talk shop. These forums are an excellent place to find any unknown problems, or to ask questions about any particular feature.

If you’re looking for specific minecraft mods, search YouTube for tutorials showing you exactly how to put together your own mod. It’s not very hard, and you’ll probably be surprised at just how many things can be done with the power of the forge. From creating crops, structures, animals, monsters, items, or anything else you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. You should start looking for these types of videos in YouTube as well: there are literally thousands of videos out there demonstrating different aspects of modding, and they’re a great way to learn if you’re unsure where to start.